Courses we offer.

  • Life is a Cabernet!

    A fun course where you will learn the rudiments of wine tasting and etiquette in a relaxed non-threatening atmosphere.

    You will get to know:
        -who is who in the wine trade;
        -what makes one wine different from another;
        -how to evaluate the wine in your glass;
        -taste a variety of wine styles.

    Course Duration
    Three lectures of 2 hours duration or,
        -This course can be arranged as a single event for Corporate Clients and Celebrations

        -Prices on request

  • Retail trade courses

    tailor-made for the client.

    Your staff will:
        - Have the potential to increase sales and add value for clients and your business;
        - Understand the different elements on a wine label;
        - Know the difference between cultivars and wine styles;
        - understand principles of stock management;
        - storage and sales;
        - taste relevant wines with each lecture to deepen understanding;
        - Learn the basic principles of winemaking

    Course Duration
        -3 lectures of 2 hours each with practical demonstrations, role play and food and wine pairing.

        -Prices on request

  • Hospitality Courses

    focus on service excellence

    Your staff will be able to:
        -Increase sales and add value;
        -have more confidence through increased knowledge;
        -experience the influence of food flavours on the taste of wines;
        -offer a professional service;
        -be empowered to make appropriate recommendations.

    Course Duration
        -3 lectures of 2 hours each with food and wine pairing and practical demonstrations.

        -Prices on request

Make Your Own Wine during the harvest period between February and April with qualified experienced winemakers. Sport your own label for all posterity.

Freelance Writing Service: Ingrid writes for a number of publications.

Corporate Events: Wine tastings and Life is a Cabernet! can be arranged for the corporate market and special events.

*Contact for details