I am The Fly – just sitting on the wall, watching the array of superhero pretenders arriving for the annual Superhero Costume Ball. They’re all here. Batman, Iron Man, Superman, at least five different Spiderman wannabees, Captain America – and the girls-oh the girls! Phoenix, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Angel Dust with the yellow eyes – too many heroines to mention. The barman, flashing a villainous Joker grin, is dishing out mugs of Kryptonic KonKoktion, offering a potion to match every lycra-clad hero and evil-eyed villain.


The party has just begun.

My multiple eyes see in all directions as the masquerade swings into top gear. Atom Girl sneaks a kiss from Lightening Lord, her arch enemy, while Elektra and Deadpool are boogieing to the sounds of Heroes for Hire. Whoa!! what is she doing? She’s taken off more than her turban and Deadpool’s struggling to get out of his shiny Lycra leotard. Wonder Woman shakes her head as she sips on her second Golden Lasso. The tubby superman with Da Vinci beard really is going to launch from the balcony…. Someone call 911!


The folk at www.howstuffworks.com tell us:

In the cerebral cortex, neurotransmitters (chemical messengers that transmit signals to our body that control thought, behaviour and emotions) are affected by alcohol. Excitatory transmitters such as glutamate normally increase brain activity and energy, however in the presence of alcohol; glutamate is suppressed resulting in a slowdown. Slow speech; unfocused vision and loss of perception result. Alcohol also increases the levels of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which further slows the senses.        With more in-take, the cerebellum which controls movement and balance is affected resulting in staggering and off-balance swagger.                         Alcohol affects the hypothalamus and pituitary functions which are vital to keep the internal balance of the body, brain function and hormone release.             By acting on the medulla, alcohol induces sleepiness. It can also slow breathing and lower body temperature, which can be life threatening.


Why does alcohol make us feel so good then?

That’s because alcohol releases dopamine into the brain’s ‘reward centre’, resulting in a feel good mood. Yet the more we drink to release dopamine, the more we alter other brain chemicals resulting in all the nasties mentioned before. 

So, is it necessary to be an ascetic wallflower at the next Superhero Ball? Not if you drink in moderation; space your drinks; drink lots of water in-between and keep boogieing to the beat.      And oh, don’t forget to call an Ubermobile. It won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight! (Sorry, that’s the “Damsels in Distress” Costume Ball) .
Try these Super Hero Cocktails at your next party
Kryptonic Konkoktion
250ml Bacardi white rum
250ml Cruz vodka

2l Pineapple Juice
1 can of coconut cream
Method:Pour the juice and ice cubes into a large punch bowl. Add coconut cream and blend in. Stir in the rum and vodka. Serve in sling glasses garnished with a pineapple wedge and cherry.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso

25ml Bacardi white rum, 12 ml Oude Meester brandy,  12 ml triple sec

Method: Blend liquors in a shaker over ice, strain into cocktail glass which has been coated with golden sugar on the rim, and decorate with long lemon twist.

Alas, Mzansi has her own Brave Heart – Eli King. EK is a dance teacher from Jozi who discovers a mysterious, mystical crystal that gives him super powers. Like all superheroes he embarks on an adventure to fight evil and save the world from devastation. To honour EK we’ve created the Ek Jongojito made from pure home-grown products.  Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, is the first single grain produced in SA and has recently been awarded the Whiskies of the World Trophy in London. Cape Fynbos Grappa from Wilderer Distillery is uniquely South African made from 32 herbs, including buchu, rooibos, honeybush, devils claw and wild dagga.


EK Jongojito    

25ml Bain’s Whisky 25ml Cape Fynbos Grappa 2tspns caster sugar Lime wedges, Fresh mint leaves Dash of soda water Crushed and cubed ice

Method: Put lime wedges and sugar into a glass; muddle to release the juice. Bruise the mint leaves in your hand and rub around the rim of the glass before putting into the glass. Gently muddle the leaves into the lime. Half fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in the liquors. Stir the mix together until the sugar dissolves.Top up with crushed ice, a splash of the soda water and garnish with a sprig of mint.

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