Wednesday, October 19, 2016


There’s a Dragon in the Den - in fact there are two in mine! - A brown one and a green one with extra burn.
Serious ginger fan and chartered accountant Warren Harries-Jones started brewing the beer in his garage some years ago. After many trials, testing and tastings the brew was ready for public opinion. The maiden batch popped out at 11%AV (alcohol by volume) and was quickly guzzled by willing guinea pigs. No one has dared to challenge the Dragon Master since.   Dragon Alcoholic Ginger Beer comes in a number of varieties: Dragon Original at 5% AV; Light at 4%; Double Dragon at 8% and Ginger Apple at 5%. The Light Dragon is brewed with stevia instead of sugar and has 33% less calories than the original.

My guests, who are neither beer drinkers nor regular consumers of alcoholic beverages, seemed really thrilled to feel the ginger buzz in their nose. It takes the breath away - literally. While the Double Dragon is punted as ‘having extra burn’,  I found the Original refreshing and vibrant served icy cold, straight from the freezer in a tall pilsner glass with a dash of tonic and twist of lemon.   Dragon Alcoholic Ginger Beer is sure to find a niche in the market that bandies craft and artisanal around like salt and pepper.                                                                                                                                                                                 Dragon is giving away a fully stocked Dragon Fiery Bar with 30l keg. See their facebook page for details.
Dragon Ginger Brew is available at trendy pubs, clubs and leading liquor stores for R421.05 for a case of 24 bottles

WARNING: Take care that the kids don’t grab an ice cold bottle of the brew for a lunch-box treat on their way to school, as mine did many years ago. On enquiring what happened to the can that I’d left in the fridge the previous day,(West Coast Cooler at around 6%AV)  I got an, ‘Oh, I had it during break.’   ‘And when did you write your test?’ I asked, horrified. ‘Immediately after break’ he answered nonchalantly. ‘And how was the test?’ ‘Easy-peasy….. Is there another can of that lekker juice for tomorrow?’

Alcohol is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 

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