Wednesday, May 13, 2015

VIVA the Working Class! – Around the world Workers’ Day is commemorated during the month of May. This article was written for the May 2015 issue of Khuluma – the inflight magazine of kulula airlines. 

Whether you’re a working girl, having a manic Monday, working 9 to 5 or the soul provider, you may need consolation at the end of your gruelling shift.  Ingrid Graham checks out what the workers inspired.

Did you know that in the 1700’s, London brewers named their dark beers after the hard working river porters who showed a preference for the sweeter dark brews? These porters worked hard carrying and carting heavy objects including baggage along the rivers. The dark strong beers became known as ‘porters’. Eighteenth-century marketers distinguished their brews by calling them: Extra Porter; Double Porter or Stout Porter depending on the strength of the beer. Over time, the rich, creamy malted black beer has become known simply as stout.   So hooray to the eighteenth-century manual labourers who made the dark brew popular among the working class. No doubt labourers needed sufficient liquid and nutrients to get through the day. Question is - does beer have any nutritional value?

Bari Lieberman of says beer is good for many reasons:
  • Fibre filler:  It contains soluble fibre, which is linked to lowering cholesterol levels and boosting heart health. Darker beers pack about 1.3 grams per 340ml.
  • Heart happy:  Drinking 1-2 brews helps decrease the chances of blood clots by increasing HDL cholesterol (the good kind) while lowering the ‘bad’ LDL levels.
  • Bone benefit:  Drinking 1-2 beers a day can help improve bone strength (conversely heavy drinking can weaken them)—the silicon found in beer has been linked to strengthening the skeletal system.
  • Stop stones:  Beer drinkers have a lowered risk of kidney stones compared to hard liquor drinkers because of beer’s high water content and diuretic effect. Plus, the compounds in beer have been shown to delay the release of bone calcium which is linked to stones.
  • Daily dose: Beer has been found to be a source of heart healthy B vitamins like B6, B12 and folate. One 340ml beer delivers 12.5 percent of the daily B6 Vitamin requirements. 

It is important to note that benefits are derived from drinking in moderation.  That would mean one or two 340ml per day! And remember that each 340ml contains approximately 150 calories. To consume excessive amounts will result in ‘stout’ taking on another meaning. And, if you’re sporting a ‘Boep’ - that unsightly and unhealthy belly fat protruding over the belt-line, then it’s time for some serious overtime along with healthy food choices and exercise!!

It’s been said: As long as you have a drinking class, you will have a working class. With prices and taxation on alcohol, to afford a drink you have to have a J.O.B. 
VIVA the drinking class! VIVA!

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