Thursday, April 30, 2015

Join me for the FABFORUM Prosecco Breakfast on 26th May 2015


A. A dry breakfast for professionals
B. A breakfast for dry professionals
C. A repeat breakfast for prosecutors - (pros –echo)
D. All of the above?
E. None of the above?
If you ticked E you are correct!

Let me explain: PROSECCO is the sparkling wine produced in Italy. Prosecco is also a grape variety more commonly known as the Glera grape. Giuliana, (now there’s a real Italian) from Profumi D’Italia, the distributors of the BOTTEGA brand in South Africa, will showcase some of the fresh, fruity, lively Italian bubbles from the house of BOTTEGA at the PROSECCO BREAKFAST on Tuesday 26th May, at the Claremont Cricket Club, Constantia Sports Complex

From her ice bucket, she will pour the BOTTEGA MILLESIMATO - a bubbly with great personality made from Glera grapes from the Veneto area. Scents of golden apple and exotic flowers tickle your nose and follow through to a fragrant finish. At just 11%AV, it is FABULOUS as an aperitif or in cocktails. 

You will have time to practice your Italian before you taste ‘VINO DEI POETI’ - wine of the poets - a name that evokes the way poets, artists and art lovers celebrate the joy of being alive and drink their beloved light, fragrant Italian sparkling wine. This is the name given to the BOTTEGA PROSECCO BRUT DOC which is made from selected handpicked prosecco grapes. The wine is pale straw in appearance and has fine bubbles that tease the nose and palate with peach and citrus overtones. In recognition of its fine quality and drinkability, the BOTTEGA PROSECCO BRUT DOC has received numerous awards and accolades from international industry experts including a Silver Medal at The Prosecco Masters, Drink Business – UK in 2014.

So, now you know! 

Be sure to book your spot at the PROSECCO BREAKFAST on Tuesday 26th May. Then you’ll not confuse your frizzanté with your spumanté.

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