What we do

WineTelligence presents a variety of instructive and enjoyable wine courses for the public as well as the hospitality, travel and tourism, and liquor trade.

Courses are presented by Ingrid Graham who has more than 30 years’ experience in education and management in the liquor trade. Ingrid’s distinctive inimitable style facilitates an easy and pleasurable learning experience for the novice and the knowledgeable.


  • Life is a Cabernet!

  • An Introduction to the Wines of the Cape

    A fun course where you will learn the rudiments of wine tasting and etiquette in a relaxed non-threatening atmosphere ending in a food and wine Cabaret!!

  • Retail trade courses

    tailor-made for the client.

    Your staff will:
        - Have the potential to increase sales 
          and add value for clients and your business;
        - Understand the different elements on a wine label; 
        - Know the difference between cultivars and wine styles; 
        - Learn the basic principles of winemaking

  • Hospitality Courses

    focus on service excellence

    Your staff will be able to:
        -Increase sales and add value;
        -have more confidence through increased knowledge;
        -be empowered to make appropriate recommendations.